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About Us


In the first two years of operation, Vega was ranked #1 and #2 in the state, respectively, for math growth. 


For too many students, demography determines destiny. 


Vega Collegiate Academy is designed to create a vibrant, successful future for every child.

Organizational Beliefs

We are driven by an urgent mission.

  • The opportunity gap is a major social justice issue of our time.  We approach every school day with passion and urgency.
  • Our students deserve a high quality education that will prepare them for life beyond college.
  • We believe the best education integrates school, families, and the community.
  • Our mission is accomplished by actively dismantling racism and discrimination at every level.

Great teaching leads to great outcomes.

  • Great teaching is not easily or quickly mastered. We continually receive feedback, practice, and reflect to improve ourselves.
  • Great teaching is not simply the transfer of content knowledge; it is teaching how to think deeply and critically engage in all content.
  • Strong relationships and trauma-informed practices are the foundation for great teaching.
  • Great teaching means ALL kids are achieving at their highest potential.
  • Great teaching is supported through strong school-wide systems and operations.
  • Excellent student outcomes are our collective responsibility.
  • We strive to make our school a sustainable workplace for teacher fulfillment and longevity.

We grow and adapt as individuals within our community.

  • We believe the strongest teams are composed of different perspectives, cultures, and experiences.
  • We assume the best intentions of each other, students, and families.
  • We value and respect vulnerability as a catalyst for growth. We are approachable. 
  • We proactively identify problems and embrace change that supports our mission. 
  • We practice accountability and action. We attack the problem, not the person. 
  • We listen to each other. We openly and directly communicate. We reflect together.
  • We model emotional resilience for our students.

We find and create joy in our work.

  • We enjoy spending time with kids. We laugh, celebrate, love, and grow together.
  • We know and deeply care for the children we serve.
  • We approach our work with optimism, positivity, and acceptance.
  • The work is hard but worth it.