Canvas: Step By Step Instructions for Set-up

To access Canvas, students first need to login to their chromebook. Our Middle Academy students use their chromebooks daily and are well-versed in logging. For our littles, this will be their first time logging into the chromebook and not just using an app. Please help guide your child in logging in to their chromebook by following the directions below:


  1. Open the chromebook and ensure it is powered on.
    • If the chromebook does not turn on right away, please plug it in the the charger provider and let it charge for 60-90 minutes.
    • The power button looks like this:
Image result for power button on a chromebook
  1. A screen will appear that asks for your student's login information. Every child at Vega has their own email address and password. If you have questions regarding your child's username and password, please text the school through TalkingPoints, or send a message via Facebook Messenger and we will give you your child's unique email and password. All student emails and passwords follow the setup below:

Email Address: first three letters of first name.first three letters of last name.graduation – for example:


Password: VCAstudentbirthday – for example: VCA09262007


Please text or call 720-504-7720 if you have trouble logging in. 

Option A: Login to your email via 

Option B: Click on the gmail icon at the bottom of the chromebook screen 

    • If this is your first time logging into this account, you will need to click ‘accept’ on the bright blue 'Accept' button
Accept Button

Locate the email titled ‘Course Invitation.’

  • Click on the link in the email titled “Instructure Canvas - Course Invitation”

    Email Example
  • Click on the bright blue ‘get started’ button 
    Canvas Email Example 2
  • You will be directed to a screen that looks like this:
New Canvas Screen
  • Login using the same email address and password as your account.

When you login, you will be directed to your course dashboard. Your dashboard will have lots of boxes - 1 box for each course you are enrolled in.

Canvas Dashboard Example

When you click on a box, it will take you to that course's homepage. Here is an example of our 7th grade science homepage for students enrolled in Duke and UMich:

7th grade homepage example

Here is an example of our 5th grade math page for students enrolled in Stanford:

5th Math Homepage

Here is an example of our 1st grade homepage for students enrolled in Columbia:

1st Grade Homepage

We recommend watching the following videos (primarily for Middle Academy students in grades 5-7) to get familiar with the Canvas platform. We also have a specially crafted for students to take on Canvas to introduce them to the system. 


student training


Video 1: Assignments Overview


Video 2: Assignment Submissions 
Video 3: Calendar Overview
Video 4: Canvas Overview
Video 5: Canvas Student App
Video 6: Chat Feature
Video 7: Collaborations Overview
Video 8: Communication 
Video 9: Dashboard Overview
Video 10: Discussions Overview
Video 11: ePortfolios
Video 12: Feedback Overview
Video 13: Files Overview
Video 14: Grades 
Video 15: Groups
Video 16: Quizzes

You can complete our online Canvas parent course as opposed to watching the videos below. No need to login - just click the link and our course will walk you through creating a parent account.  
parent canvas course
The following are helpful videos that help explain the Canvas platform from the parent perspective:
Video 1: Account Registration and Student Pairing
Video 2: Canvas Overview
Video 3: Canvas Parent App