Every child learns. Every minute. Every day.

Through excellence in character development and academic instruction, Vega Collegiate Academy ensures every K - 8 student is a powerful, diligent, enthusiastic learner who is on a path to college and ready to change the world.

Every student at Vega Collegiate Academy will graduate and attend a four-year college of their choice. Here's how:

More Time. School starts at 7:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm. We spend significant periods of time on literacy and math instruction, with time for science, social studies, and enrichment opportunities.

21st Century Learning. Students learn to code beginning in Kindergarten. Given the booming world-tech environment, students must be prepared for success in technological fields.

Rigorous Curriculum. We collect and create curricula that support our students to perform at the 75th percentile or above on state and national assessments by completion of the eighth grade.

High Quality Instruction. All faculty provide students with high level, quality instruction and targeted, supplemental support that is centered on one unrelenting purpose: to prepare our students with the academic knowledge and skills that will place them on the path to a four-year college of their choice and a life of opportunity.

Positive Character Development. Students learn how to behave with dignity and honor. They work hard because our school is structured, disciplined, and joyful. We adhere to the true definition of discipline - teaching how to do good and how to be good.

High Expectations Maintained for All. Every member of the school community is held accountable to the high expectations set for them.

Assess, Analyze, and Intervene Often. We strategically target students' academic weaknesses through intensive academic supports. Remediation occurs daily based on checks for understanding and exit tickets. We respond to students' needs immediately, and students demonstrating skill gaps on the day's lesson receive intervention within the day.

Extra Supports. Two teachers are present during daily two-hour literacy blocks, ensuring that every student has the supports necessary to succeed. Additional instructors support our students during our daily FOCUS period.

Technology. Every classroom is equipped with technology. Students spend 30 minutes each day on adaptive computer programs in literacy and math.