Designed with an extended school day and a slightly longer school year, and with a focus on developing  strong skills in literacy and math, Vega Collegiate Academy Charter School executes an academically rigorous curriculum that pushes students to engage deeply with text and to think critically about their learning in every content area. Every instructional minute, students work to master ambitious, Common Core aligned standards. Every assessment is informed by rigorous national and state standards and well-respected national reading requirements. Support is immediately provided to students who demonstrate the need for additional assistance, further acceleration, or have individual learning needs.

Every student, regardless of home language, zip code, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or race is entitled to a college preparatory education. Recognizing the academic challenges students face in college, the greatest opportunity to eliminate academic gaps and ensure every student is on the path to college success and a life of opportunity, is to have high quality, foundational instruction in the middle and high school years.

We believe that parents and community members are partners in our work. We will build, grow, and sustain Vega Collegiate Academy with this belief in mind, investing every stakeholder in our school’s beliefs, and our mission to ensure that every student, regardless of background, has the opportunity to attend a four-year college of their choice and lead a life of opportunity.